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Understand your market share

TAM Services

Understand your market share better with the total addressable market

Understanding the market share of their product or service provided is crucial for businesses. To fulfill this, we empower businesses with curated TAM services. Whether you are a startup or an existing B2B enterprise, assessing the share of the market you hold can be very efficient in determining the revenue.

From avoiding lead leakage to connecting with target audiences, both existing and new, to devising successful plans for prospective products or services, you can use TAM insights to understand the overall business reach.

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Our services

Our professionals are well equipped with technical support to provide you with the following TAM services.

Analyze your market share

We offer to calculate the percentage of availability of the total market for your product or service. Our team imposes top-down, bottom-up, and value theory analyses to calculate your market share fully.

Analyze target customer behavior

Our professional team carries out a digital analysis of the behavior of your target audience to help you understand their demands. With the data obtained, you can target the specific leads with favorable conversion rates.

Research about trends in the market

As part of our TAM services, we offer to study and gather data regarding the recent trends in your domain. In addition, we provide data based on the value proposition to help you make better strategies for prospective business plans.

Examine the availability of pre-segmented data

We also examine the existing competitors in the market for your product or service. With the correct data, you can validate your offering with better deliverability and determine the pre-segmented leads that your business can target.

Benefits of our TAM services

By Employing our TAM solutions in your existing business model, you can encounter business growth and development. Listed below are some of the strong points of using our services.

Comprehend better the availability of market share for specific products

Calculate potential revenue that will be generated by the launch of your product or service

Understand the intent and behavior of prospective buyers

Retain interested leads and avoid losing existing customers

Find out the prevailing competition and their market share

Segment data based on customer behavior

Make smart plans to grow your market share and redevelop products

Calculate accurate SAM (Serviceable Addressable Market) and SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market)

Try your hands on our digital solutions and get all your business-related data needs fulfilled

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Why choose us?

Here's why you should prefer Cluezilla to other competitors for TAM services.

High accuracy outcomes

We assure you of the highest possible accuracy while calculating the percentage of your market share. We employ strict workflows while researching and estimating your market stake to deliver results with 99% accuracy.

Reasonable prices

To make our services available for startups and existing businesses alike, we have introduced a reasonable pricing range for our services. As a result, you need not worry about spending extra dimes for our TAM solutions.

Certified team of experts

From technical experts to business specialists and professional marketers, our team is certified and trained. Over 15 years of experience in providing TAM services gives us an excellent edge over competitors.

Technology-driven services

We employ advanced software tools, including tools for clustering, segmentation, etc. With 50% human supervision and 50% software assistance, we ensure excellent quality services true to your expectations.

High-grade data integrity and security

Our team of professionals abides by the NDA, GDPR, and CCPA protocols to ensure the privacy and protection of your data. Furthermore, our API-integrated platform is encrypted using AES standards for increased data security.

Global outreach

With a one-stop platform, we make our TAM services accessible to businesses residing in any part of the world. In addition, our team is available round the clock to address your queries and guide you through the entire cycle of our services.

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