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Optimized Health Data Solutions

Healthcare Facilities

Cluezilla offers optimized data solutions for healthcare systems

Understanding the needs of constantly evolving healthcare facilities, we provide data services that comply with high-quality medical standards. From marketing initiatives and healthcare analytics to data extraction from medical records, our team employs strict workflows for enhanced precision of the data outputs.

With our in-house data warehouse, our team skillfully extracts valuable information for various healthcare domains. Our services include everything from understanding medical terminologies to data synchronization and migration to help you develop better operational models and reach the target audience.  

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What will you get from us?

We provide the following data services under healthcare facilities that various medical professionals or organizations can utilize for optimal decision-making.

Research Data

To help your healthcare facilities to overcome the tiring research process, we provide standardized clinical data for medical research. With our integrated platform, we track data from various sources to match your search queries on a real-time basis. The data retrieved from internal and external sources is enriched, standardized, and organized using advanced technical tools to maintain clinical integrity. As a result, we ensure data accuracy for effective research in the healthcare system with our services.

Healthcare Email List

With our up-to-date databases, we help you secure precise mailing lists to improve the deliverability of your medical services and campaigns. We include name, mailing address, SIC code, social profile, ZIP code, medical specialties, etc., as a part of our services. From physicians, doctors, and surgeons to nurses and pharmacists, we compile a mailing list of genuine targets from the healthcare sector.

Medical record transcription

Our team of best transcribers, subject matter experts, and field-specific professionals employ strict procedures to transcribe various medical records accurately. You can share the records and documents that need to be transcribed with us in any file extension type. We keep the medical terminology and structure intact while transcribing the patient records and documents, delivering the outputs in digital file formats.

Nurse Records

We also provide nurse lists as part of our healthcare data solutions to ensure the working efficiency of your medical organization. We collect data such as name, email address, contact number, license date, status, and mailing addresses of nurses using huge data repositories. With our nurse records, you can successfully initiate and implement b2b medical campaigns, grow ROI, enhance operational performance, etc.

Services for Healthcare plans

We at Cluezilla provide data services relating to the healthcare plans, such as insights, enrollment, billing, payment management, business process outsourcing, etc. In addition, we provide quality assessment using different metrics for existing business plans and help your organization gain valuable information by analyzing the digital insights of your platform.

Try your hands on our digital solutions and get all your business-related data needs fulfilled

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Why choose Cluezilla?

We aim to provide exceptional services that will help your organization improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Here's why you should consider our services over any other providers.

Ultimate customer assistance

Your overall experience matters to us, and thus we ensure all of your queries are solved promptly with our exceptional user support. In addition, our expert team is available round the clock to guide you through our services any number of times.

Enhanced protection and cybersecurity

We take pride in ensuring the protection and security of the data you share with us. Our integrated platform is encrypted with the highest security standards to assure you of data safety. Moreover, our operation process complies with GDPR, NDA, and HIPAA standards.

Flexible and consistent services

We provide viable solutions that are customizable according to your requirements. Additionally, we provide flexible support for any updates needed upon the delivery of our services. The data we share is evaluated for quality, scalability, and reliability to meet your expectations.

Over 15 years of experience

Our services are backed by adequate knowledge and experience of our professional team that employs a detailed working process for enhanced data accuracy. As a result, you can count on us for exceptional solutions related to healthcare facilities.

Ingenious technology

Cluezilla is supported by modern technical tools and software to enhance preciseness, comprehension, and assured quality. We blend human expertise and resourceful technology at a 1:1 ratio making it easier for you to trust us.

Global support

Whether you are a large-scale healthcare system or a small-scale organization, we ensure our services are available globally without any complications. You can reach out to us from any part of the world to meet your healthcare facilities' requirements.

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