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Data Licensing

Leverage your business expansion with our data licensing services

With the growth of everyday data, most businesses face several difficulties. Limited data usage, unreliable data sources, and inconsistent data obtained by research lead to business turmoil and flawed decision-making. Here's where our services come in handy. We at Cluezilla provide remarkable data license outsourcing assistance to help in business development.  

With our licensing services assisted by the latest technologies, software, and integrated tools, you can skillfully conquer data-related legalities. In addition, you can license your business data to prohibit third parties from misusing it for B2C and B2B insights.

Data licensing procedure with absolute accuracy

We at Cluezilla ensure clean and fair data is provided with accurate licensing to help you adapt it for commercial purposes. The data required for your business and enterprise for marketing, accounting, technology, and analysis is checked for creative common licenses and open sources licenses to polish your business operations.

We also offer data solutions from derived, original databases and data repositories to ensure no conflicts and legal issues arise for usage. Our workflow for data licensing observes strict procedures for gathering, assembling, compiling, licensing, and updating data for convenient, accurate, relevant use.

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Data Licensing Services we offer

We offer the following services under the data licensing to help you identify the target customers, evaluate growth, and generate precise business plans to help you expand verticals and gain prominence.

Recognizing right license

Updated, error-free, accurate data is crucial in proceeding with the business tactics and strategies. In addition to providing clean data, we help you determine the suitable license by investigating ownership, IP protection, and other conflicts for the data sets you use directly or indirectly in either original or derived format. In addition, we also manage the records specifying who uses licensed data within your enterprise.

Data privacy and security

We offer to safeguard the licensed databases to ensure no misuse, unauthorized access, or divulgence of confidential business information. Our professionals will help you encrypt, control access, recover, and backup vast volumes of customer, employee, and business data stored in repositories with strict operational guidelines.

Data license agreements

We offer to generate licenses for the exclusive business data by complying with intellectual property (IP) rights to help you determine ownership rights. We draft data authorization and adaptation licenses to specify who owns, leases, and develops the data being used. In addition, you can customize the terms of the agreement by specifying how the data is used, formatted, and delivered by third parties.

Data licensing consultations

We at Cluezilla offer consultation services to assist you in determining the management, access, renewals, upgrades, and administration of data sets for technical, customer, and employee aspects. In addition, our expert team will help to determine how to store, customize, enrich compliance, and control the cost of business data in licensed repositories and databases.

Try your hands on our digital solutions and get all your business-related data needs fulfilled

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Why choose us?

We take pride in providing exceptional services that help us gain your trust and confidence. Here's why you should consider us in comparison to competitor services.

Cost-effective solutions

Our data licensing services are priced to ensure you do not have to spend extra bucks to get your work done. Compatible with different business requirements, we offer low-cost licensing solutions at a comparatively high-speed rate of outcomes.

Precise Quality Assurance

Powered with the latest software tools and superior technologies, our certified professionals ensure high relevancy, accuracy, availability, and efficiency of the outputs. You can depend on our exceptional services for assured and upmarket quality.

Excellent customer care services

Working round the clock, our workforce ensures all your queries regarding updates, services, pricing, and requirements are resolved almost instantly. As a result, you do not have to wait long and frustrating hours to get your work done.

World-wide scope

Meeting the expectations of different domains and business niches, our services are accessible globally over our integrated platform. With experts fluent in various languages and industry experts who have mastered skills, you can effortlessly approach us to crack your business demands from any corner of the world.

Regular updates

Not only do our services are clean and efficient, but also updated and renewed regularly as per your business necessity. Moreover, all your databases and data provided by us can be updated without complexity, if required, to suit your business standards.

Experienced professionals

With 15+ years of practical and theoretical experience, our team of certified professionals, skilled experts, industry-specific authorities, and exceptional freelancers ensure your data is protected and secured with strict policies and workflow practices.

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