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Understand the target audience

Customer Profiling

Visualize and understand the target audience of your business

Businesses and enterprises require a thorough understanding of customer behavior to expand the sales pipeline and revenue sources. We at Cluezilla provide customer profiling service to help your marketing and sales team curate profitable strategies for business development.

With our service, you can easily visualize your target audience to shape your products and services accordingly. We deliver an updated portfolio with several attributes and key concepts for both existing and new customers of your business base.

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Our Consumer Profiling Services

We provide intelligent and reliable profiling services by combining data from surveys conducted, online reviews, interviews, and testimonials of top consumers to help you generate efficient leads. Additionally, you can categorize the existing consumer base based on various traits using our services. We provide the following data solutions under customer profiling. 

Psychographic data

We analyze high target customers to evaluate their needs, interests, and intentions. From buying habits and purchase frequency to impulse-driven purchase data, we cover a vast arena of information regarding top consumers in the market that you can employ in your business strategy. With our analysis, you can interact with potential consumers by meeting the product or service requirements that they expect, such as sales, discounts, loyalties, etc.

Data privacy and security

We offer to safeguard the licensed databases to ensure no misuse, unauthorized access, or divulgence of confidential business information. Our professionals will help you encrypt, control access, recover, and backup vast volumes of customer, employee, and business data stored in repositories with strict operational guidelines.

Typological data

We gather information from various platforms and databases to understand the personality traits of prime consumers. With this data, your business intelligence can understand how to influence the customer base to buy your products or services. Our data consists of resourceful insights that different customers prefer, such as advertising methods involving word-of-mouth or recommendation type of promotions, product specifications such as appearance, customization, packaging, usefulness, etc.

Benefits of our customer profiling service

Here are some of the advantages of employing our consumer profiling data in your business model.

  • Understand the current marketing trends and consumer preferences to develop new products or services
  • Comprehend customer needs and wants to improve existing products or services
  • Incorporate better marketing plans and functional proficiency
  • Improve revenue, lead generation, and sales profits
  • Improve customer support and satisfaction
  • Categorize the huge consumer-specific database to tailor various needs
  • Remodel business logistics with adaptable insights from generic industry data
  • Boost brand exposure and consumer loyalty

Try your hands on our digital solutions and get all your business-related data needs fulfilled

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Why choose us?

Here's how we stand apart from various competitors.

99% guaranteed accuracy

We compile data from trusted sources to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the consumer profiles. Gathered from over 100 million B2B and B2C data records, we provide the finest quality of data that you can adapt to your business operations.

End-to-end encrypted platform

We ensure safe communication through encryption of our API integrated platform. Our platform is encrypted using the highest security levels, including AES and SSL standards, to ensure the information you share with us is protected from breaches.

Excellent workforce

Our team of certified business experts, marketing professionals, technicians, and IT specialists ensures you have a pleasant experience working with us. Moreover, each individual at Cluezilla adheres to NDA and GDPR protocols to maintain data security.

An international range of service

We provide global customer profiling services to make our services accessible to B2B and B2C businesses. You can reach us from any part of the world with any project size, and we'll deliver our services with maximum quality assurance to suit your business standards.

Timely delivery

We take pride in delivering efficient services with less duration than several other competitors. Our team strives to provide quick results, ensuring superior accuracy, scalability, and consistency of the customer profiles and data.

Exceptional user assistance

You need not hesitate about timeframes or regional limitations to reach us. Our professional team is available 24/7 on all days of the week to make sure we are there to solve your queries. Besides, we revert to inquiries and updates requested by clients almost immediately.

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