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Generate higher sales with the right customer data from Cluezilla

Growing businesses require adequate data to score new leads and improve existing customers' user experience. Recognizing the requirement for the right data, We at Cluezilla provide the Right customer data to enrich the sales funnel. Thus, with our high-end consumer data services, we look for quality leads and custom insights, streamline conversation rates and organize existing databases to help you prepare specific consumer data.

We use modern technology and innovative marketing tools such as CRM and CDP to help you understand your customers better. As a result, we assure outstanding consumer data with the right priorities to help your business by associating in the sales pipeline.

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What do we offer?

Some of our services to help the marketing and sales team in your business are listed below.

Customer data transformation

We offer data transformation services to help you optimize your database and score the right leads. You can request conversion of structure and format of any size of data files to leverage your repositories with structured customer data. Transformed consumer data will help your business acquire quality data and maintain business intelligence.

Digital customer data

With data collected from various digital advertising and marketing campaigns, we provide digital consumer data needed by your business. We match consumer behavior, demographics, technographics, interactions, etc., gathered from 150+ sources. The relevant and regularly updated data in verified emails, phone numbers, etc., are shared with you to help you remodel the target consumer database.

Transactional customer data

We provide consumer transaction data for existing accounts to help you improve marketing analysis and decision-making. From our services, you can determine the frequency patterns of customers in purchasing your product or services. In addition, insight from sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, billing systems, etc., is gathered from internal and external sources and organized according to your business necessities.

Customer Engagement services

To improve the customer experience and make the potential leads stay engaged, we provide optimization, integration, and visitor conversation service like chatbots for your business website. In addition, we provide segmentation of the existing consumer database by eliminating irrelevant leads, furnishing accounts with the latest information and attributes, prioritizing high-value accounts, etc. Our skilled experts use advanced software tools to segment data in different workflow stages.

Try your hands on our digital solutions and get all your business-related data needs fulfilled

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Why should you avail of our services?

Right Customer data can boost sales analytics and lead to an increase in revenue for your business. Here's why you should reckon to opt for our services.  

Scalable and compatible data

We offer real-time customer data that is consistent enough to imply future marketing plans. Besides, the data we compile through trusted sources and data repositories is scalable, ensuring easier implementation in ongoing plans or projects.

Exceptional customer support

We have employed skilled experts in our customer support team to make it easier for you to reach us. They will guide you through our customer data service to help solve your queries. Additionally, we use automated chatbots on our platform to solve general questions.

Global outreach

To make our services accessible to international businesses and enterprises, we have deployed an expert team of language experts native to several countries. Also, you can utilize our services from any corner worldwide and leverage your marketing and sales team with quality data.

Competent workforce

Our workforce is certified and well trained, from skilled technicians and research teams to business experts and industry specialists. Assisted by modern tools such as CDP and CRM, our team has adequate knowledge and expertise for providing the right customer data.

Intelligent technology

We use 50% technical tools paired with 50% human expertise to generate the right customer data specific to your business requirement. From working process and customer support to data privacy and security, we use various technology and software tools such as AI tools, Automation tools, SAS tools, etc.

Top-grade protection and security

We take strict measures to ensure that the data you share with us is protected from internal and external malpractice. Our team adheres to strict policies such as NDA, GDPR, privacy regulation, etc. Our platform is end-to-end encrypted using high-level security measures for safe and secure access.

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