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Data Processing

Facilitate your business potential digitally

Data is one of the most vital components that determine the market value of businesses. From boosting your business potential with factual data to improving the management of classified information, we at Cluezilla provide digital data processing services curated with modern technologies and software tools.

With the extensive use of advanced tools such as data integration software, virtualization tools, predictive and stream analytics tools, knowledge discovery techniques, and preprocessing tools, our professional team provides complete data solutions that comply with your business requirements. 

Bank on us for upmarket solutions for business data

Our expert industry professionals and technicians use a five-step workflow to provide the best possible data processing solutions for distinct industry verticals. We ensure the utmost meticulousness of data, from collecting, preparing, and preprocessing business data to its output and storage. 

With our API integrated platform, you can effortlessly obtain relevant, comprehensive, and effective data processing services for sustained business strategies and customer relationship management (CRM) policies. In addition, with our bespoke method of providing services, you can get the best of data process outsourcing for complete business demands.

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Data Processing services we provide

We provide a wide array of data processing services for businesses. Some of our services are listed below.

Image data processing

Captivating content is the foremost means of appealing to the target audience, especially when you are an e-commerce site. Our skilled editors, professional illustrators, and designers strive to enhance, scale, and format images for marketing campaigns or other business requirements. In addition, we provide digital conversion, 3-D image processing, image manipulation, photo scaling, and image pruning services.

Order processing

Proper delivery services are a core method of retaining customer trust and values for B2C and B2B-based services. We offer order validation, payment and inventory management, purchase status checking, customer order management, and customer support to effectively deliver the products and services to expand your business reach.

Forms and document data processing

With the help of modern technical tools, we offer business forms and document processing to assist you in better managing your business data. We process market research forms, tax forms, legal forms, insurance application documents, licensing documents, registration and application forms, account and sales order documents, purchase order forms, administration documents, and rental forms.

Transaction data processing

Managing customer requirements and satisfaction is key to the trustworthiness of the business organization. With our transaction processing services, you can step up your business game and establish confidence among your customers. We provide processing of claims, invoices, payrolls, verification and authorization data, and financial transactions to fulfill the requirements of your target customer base.

Mailing list compilation

Email Marketing campaigns are profitable to target existing and potential customers to scale your business. With a team of industry experts and marketing specialists, we offer to sort, clean, format, and compile mailing lists for B2B and B2C corporations. Our mailing services include collecting priority mailing lists, collating mailing lists from websites, standard organizing of lists, removal of repetitive lists, duplication of mailing lists, and zip code verification.

Data cleansing

Accurate data is key to the successful planning and development of businesses to grow and expand. To evaluate vast chunks of business data for erroneous, redundant, faulty information, we provide data sorting, identification, and correction to ensure clean data outputs. We offer data cleaning for accounting, marketing, CRM, sales, and product data for accurate decision-making and business analysis.

Try your hands on our digital solutions and get all your business-related data needs fulfilled

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Why choose us?

Here's why you should consider our services over other alternatives.

Error-free meticulous processing

With 50% technical and 50% human assistance, our skilled professionals ensure that our services are accurate, consistent, and relevant to your business demands. Detailed and thorough processing is what we strive for to deliver exceptional quality outputs.

Low-cost affordable services

We ensure that our services are accessible to enterprises of different levels. To satiate this, the services we offer are cost-effective and comparatively low. Additionally, we ensure the outputs are conveniently delivered with quick turnaround times.

Secure and protected services

We value your privacy like nobody else. With an end-to-end encrypted process, we adhere to standard privacy regulations to ensure the confidentiality of the data you share with us. Furthermore, with strict policies, we assure that no mismanagement of data occurs.

Coverage over a vast arena of industries

Our services stretch over a broad spectrum of niches and business domains. We offer data processing for various business types and in-house corporate divisions to cater to multiple requirements and demands.

Global outreach

Our team of trained professionals with over 15 years of experience is available round the clock to cater to your business needs. In addition, we make sure our services are accessible globally with the help of our integrated platform.

Technology-backed services

With cutting-edge technology and software tools, our processing services are well powered to comply with advanced requirements. Our experienced team supervises workflow to ensure we meet your quality expectations.

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