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Customized Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Dominate over the market with customized lead generation

With the constantly evolving trends in marketing, securing quality leads explicitly becomes a tiring approach for businesses and organizations. To aid B2B and B2C businesses leverage their true potential with initiative, consistent and scalable leads, We at Cluezilla offer MQLs and SQLs lead generation services.

Our rigorous workflow employs capturing, educating, tracking, qualifying, sampling, distributing, and converting leads to boost sales and marketing pipelines. In addition, we specialize in inbound and outbound lead generation to maximize your business's multi-channel marketing and sales leads.

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Lead Generation Services we offer

Our lead generation services include the subsequent services mentioned below.

B2B lead generation

We offer both B2C and B2B lead generation services by combining the information from our database and that of your repositories. We use inbound lead generation tools and on-page lead generation software to produce high-quality leads. We help you define, nurture, score, measure, and optimize business leads according to your ideal customer profiling and thereby help you to reduce cost per lead.

Pay per click lead generation

Under the PPC lead generation, we offer strategies to build and analyze paid campaigns on the Search engine results pages (SERP). Whether you are an IoT, fintech, networking, or telecommunications business, we help you leverage paid advertising campaigns by providing regular reports and tracking potential leads specific to your business. Further, we aid your BDRs and SDRs by offering services such as A/B testing, Call-to-action (CTA) analysis, enriching landing pages, and more.

Online lead generation

Digital leads extracted from campaigns, websites, email marketing, webinars, and more are regularly updated for consistency and relevancy in our database pool. In addition, we use lead generation automation software to evaluate leads according to the ideals of the BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs, Timeline). Moreover, we also provide enrichment of your existing leads to whom you can route your products and services to increase the sales pipeline.

Social media lead generation

Our experts use conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools, forum software, and on-page lead generation tools to maximize leads for multi-channel marketing. Under the social media lead generation, we provide strategies, evaluation, analysis, and implementation of visual marketing campaigns and advertisements on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. We ensure to devise innovative leads by complying with the complex algorithms of these platforms.

Try your hands on our digital solutions and get all your business-related data needs fulfilled

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Why choose us?

We believe in providing result-oriented services with utmost sincerity. Here's why you should opt for our services.

On-time delivery

Efficient delivery of leads is key to deducing effective marketing strategies. Therefore, our professionals engage in meticulous processes to ensure timely outputs. Besides, our services are affordable compared to other existing lead generators to ensure the first-hand deliverability of exemplary leads.

Solid expertise

Each team member is certified with the highest standards and possesses sufficient knowledge and subject matter expertise in generating leads. To further verify their credibility, we provide initial training to all the members. To top it off, We at Cluezilla have over 15 years of experience in generating quality leads.

Human supervision

We employ cutting-edge technology, including AI tools and business automation software, to provide executive leads. Professionals with expertise in industry-specific business requirements and technical knowledge supervise each stage of lead generation workflow.

Excellent integrity of services

Our team uses inbound, on-page, CRO, and other software tools to ensure high-end accuracy, quality, relevancy, and dependability of the lead generation services we deliver. With us on board, you can rest assured about the exceptional integrity of marketing and sales leads anticipated by your business demands.

Global coverage

We provide end-to-end services with the help of our API integrated platform. To provide one-stop lead generation services, we make sure our services are accessible by businesses of any scale and sector. Additionally, we comply with international standards for a business operation to ensure that you can effectively access our services from any part of the world.

Customer-oriented services

Cluezilla takes pride in standing tall and strong when providing excellent customer care services. Our professional team is available round the clock to solve your queries and customization requests and guide you through the entire process to help you better understand what you should expect from our lead generation services.

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