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Data solutions curated for every need

Cluezilla believes in the essence and value of data available in various forms. Therefore, our team of experts and certified professionals are available round the clock to help you find the validated data solution in a customized way. From data processing to data licensing, we cover a spectrum of industrial fields effectively. Additionally, you can count on us for advanced software-generated insights and strategies to assist you in marketing campaigns for both B2B and B2C businesses.


Data Services

Cluezilla processes pools of business data every day to help companies remove redundancies, errors, and invalid data. Thus, our data processing service can help you avoid communicating with outdated leads and enhance response rates, helping you accentuate your sales and marketing efforts without substantial financial loss.

Data Licensing

We strive to offer data that can develop and enhance your industry’s innovative products or solutions. So, by licensing our data, you can use the up-to-date data accurately and make it a valuable asset for your company that can ease your entire workflow and improve your customer experience.



Our marketing data analytics will help you leverage the data in your MarTech environment by revamping your primary data resources. We offer everything – from auditing your current dataset and optimizing it for marketing purposes to ensuring your data is GDPR-compliant and giving you in-depth insights into CRM data strategies.